Yellow catfish

Yellow catfish

A yellow-brown fish or a yellow-brown fish. It is scale-free, more than 10 cm in length, blue-yellow, with brown markings, wide mouth, lower position, must be four pairs, each with a hard spine on the dorsal and pectoral fins.Living in fragile rivers and lakes, it is produced everywhere in China.

  The taste is sweet, flat and slightly toxic.

  Function to urinate, eliminate edema, expelling wind, and sober up.

  [水气浮肿(急性肾炎,肾病综合症等)]  黄颡鱼3尾,绿豆1小杯,大蒜头1个,水煮烂,去鱼,食豆,并喝其汤,不能用盐。  [累痢溃烂]  黄颡鱼1尾,剖去肠杂,纳入蓖麻子20粒,黄泥封固,放炭火中煅存性,去泥,研细末,以菜油调涂,一日2次, Wash the affected area with saline before use.

(This side is also used to treat lower extremity ulcers.