Simple fitness exercises help you become charismatic

Simple fitness exercises help you become charismatic

Guide: Simple fitness exercises help you become a charismatic and proud person. Men are eager to have sexy breasts, and women are eager to have sexy and proud twins.

The following simple and classic little moves to achieve your beautiful breasts dream.

  Push-ups push-ups, girls will be more difficult to do, so you can choose to support your hands on a higher bed railing or sofa table with your body leaning forward.

Don’t hump your backs while doing push-ups. Tighten your jeans and make 10 push-ups at a constant speed.

  Chest expansion is also the simplest and most common exercise. If you want to move to the hip muscles, move your shoulders at the same time.

It is best to hold a dumbbell or mineral water of more than one kilogram, slow down the movement, and repeat the movement with rhythm.

Keep your knees forward as your arms shake back.

  The dumbbells on the bed lie flat on the bed with your arms close to your ears, and hold the dumbbells above your head with both hands.

Straighten your arms, raise your hands slowly, and finally make your arms perpendicular to your body.

Repeat this action.

  By Guanyin, his feet are standing upright, his head is raised and his chest is raised, his hands are folded on his chest.

Keep your palms closed, and slowly raise them until your arms are close to your ears.

The folded hands tried to extend to the top.

  Tips: Doing these exercises every day can effectively exercise the muscles of the chest, but also improve the expansion of the buttocks, increase the chest position, and help maintain the perfect chest shape.