Five types of online lover are the most memorable

Five types of online lover are the most memorable

People who have been online for a long time will meet five kinds of people online.

  The first person you meet is someone who gives you a fresh feeling.

  Since you are new to the internet, there are a lot of things you like-some say posting on forums.

But when you first come into contact with these, not only will you not operate, it will also be foggy.

So, there will be some kind people step by step to take you to the castle of success.

Let you receive the novelty and incredibleness of the Internet in the learning process . teach you how to win in the upgrade game, and make you cry and laugh; in the chat room, you will learn how to use voice or video to make you feel that the Internet is still there.Great real existence . Acquaintance is a kind of fate. Since you are so speculative, cherishing your fate may have an additional confidant, but this feeling must be maintained in a benign possibility, if not, it may be an emotional breakdownA kind of uneasy emotional debt.

  The second type of person you meet is someone who heals your wound.

  Many people chat online because of emotional crisis or family rift.

Because no one understands or cares for him or her, so that he or she gradually becomes isolated, gradually lonely, and gradually lonely in the circle of life.

The distress brought about by life and the stress at work are often out of breath.

So he or she would choose to use the Internet to vent their emotions, but it is understandable.

If you can’t relax and clear up some minds, it is easy for a person to go to extremes or lose his mind or go crazy.

Therefore, some people say that it is because of this background that they use the pseudonym to tell the truth on the Internet.

  If your comfort helps him or her to have a better life in the world, then he or she is confident in you. If your inspiration makes her (he) feel that there is still warmth or true feelings in life, then she(He) is grateful to you . maybe deep communication, after understanding.

Often at this time, the total talent has an illusion.

This illusion is really unreasonable. It seems that the involuntary and uncontrollable spontaneity has arisen-nervous but not afraid.

After meeting, how to face to face, how to communicate, what needs to be done or not?

That kind of intertwined psychology is always sour but so longing and hug for happiness.

  The third type of person you meet is someone who creates passion for you.

  In this society, the state’s policy is to grasp both hands and be tough.

As a result, some fancy men made unreasonable changes-one hand grabbing power and one hand holding beautiful women.

Say that material civilization has progressed, spiritual civilization ca n’t hold back —- more money, private life will be wider, more programs will make life more exciting, eat food and eat slowly, fragrant to them (of course there are some rich sisters orRich woman) started hunting online.

Jiang Taigong fishing wishers are hooked —- as long as you are willing, what is eighteen thousand miles, Sun Wukong is tired with a somersault cloud, they are not too tired.

Because they have money!

The buttocks will fly as soon as they sit down, and they will not lose their way of sleeping.

When he stood up, he had arrived, and he could meet you as long as you thought about it.

  If his sweet words make your eyelids fall asleep, if his wealth makes your mouth drunk, if his grace makes your eyes cry . then you were just an ant in his hand, just like the smart Sun Wukong could not escapeLike the palm of a Buddha.

Fortunately, there is no regret. A regret is a mountain pressed on the body. It is necessary to overcome the five hundred years of baptism in heaven and earth and taste the conscience of another person. That person is the one you love or the one who loves you.

  The fourth person I met was someone who treated each other sincerely.

  This kind of person is something you can’t meet.

Words or words are easy-going and natural, and I talk to you without a word.

The novel Life Sesame Trivia is a little cold and warm, and it is said that the heavens and the north are spring, summer, autumn and winter.

You are happy he (she) is happy your happiness, you are sad he (she) is sad your sorrow, you are happy he (she) is happy your happiness . just like a flower blooming in front of your eyes, she smiles you smile, Just like a slap, he suffers and you suffer. This kind of telepathy, this mutual comfort, cannot be reflected by emotions. It is based on family, friendship, love. It isUnspeakable sensibility.

  To meet this kind of person is like encountering a drop of water in the desert. If you drink it, you will not be able to recover from it, but if you want to stop the thirst, it is actually the best choice.

Because there is a desire to let you experience suffering and frustration, once again raise the footsteps of faith to find the oasis of life and the source of happiness.

  The fifth type of person you met was not someone else who was you—a person who was just online.

  Since I’ve been online for a long time, my mood has faded. What’s your feeling?

  After experiencing more or less online games and passion, I suddenly look back-the original environment of life has not changed, but your human kindness has changed, and you have not even discovered it-maybe more cheerful than beforeMany, maybe many more than before . wrong and right are not important anymore, but are you planning how to return from the virtual world to the earth?