What can a Chinese medicine cure for 10 yuan a day?

What can a Chinese medicine cure for 10 yuan a day?

The famous Chinese medicine doctor in Gansu Province, the chief physician of the Chengxian Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital of Weinan City, Dr. Zhao Bin, is very difficult to use the traditional Chinese medicine method to treat the difficulties. There are 4 cases to be examined.

In the case, Director Zhao used the cheap Chinese patent medicine to cure the disease.

Let’s take a look, what is the cure for a Chinese medicine of 10 yuan per day?

  Chopsticks and sputum dripping to coma. In May 1987, when the peasant Zhao rushed into the water, he suffered from cerebral hemorrhage. He suddenly became unconscious and was admitted to the hospital in an emergency.

Zhao Binchu and the hospital’s senior doctor of Western medicine attending a doctor, continued to nutrition brain cells, stop bleeding, anti-infection, correct the acid-base and electrolyte balance and other Western medicine intravenous drip, three days later recovery.

Unexpectedly, on the fifth day, the disease relapsed, and the degree of coma turned to depth, accompanied by high fever, purple spots, sputum, and right limbs. Because of the infusion medicine, it was unable to meet the needs of the disease, thus eliminating all infusion recommendations. Zhao Bin informedRescue medicine to replace the Chinese medicine Xijiao Dihuang Decoction and Tianma Gouteng Decoction, with chopsticks head sputum medicine continued to drip from the patient’s mouth, plus nasal feeding tonic.

By the afternoon of the next day, the patient recovered, the erythema decreased, and the body temperature and blood pressure dropped.

After a week of stable treatment, the gradual progress of Sanjia Fumai Decoction, Bu Yang Huan Wu Tang addition and subtraction, large doses of direct oral administration, combined with massage, etc., hospitalized for 43 days, the symptoms disappeared, patients were discharged from the hospital.

  Daylight 10 yuan Chinese medicine to help restore July 1997, a 16-year-old boy suffering from acute appendicitis, initially treated in the village clinic, high fever, abdominal pain, thirst and other symptoms are not reduced, Qilai County Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, urgently performed surgery.
: In the abdominal cavity, it can be seen that the appendix rot has only the stump left, the pus diffuses the abdominal cavity, and the peritonitis is secondary. The attending doctor then removes the appendix stump and the abdominal cavity pus, and after the drainage tube is placed, the abdomen is closed, followed by infusion to prevent infection.Supporting Western medicine, but because the daily medical expenses need about 100 yuan, the patient’s economy is not supported, so it will stop taking the medicine within a week.

On the occasion of this dilemma, after listening to the report of the attending doctor, Zhao Bin immediately decided to remove all Western medicine and special Chinese medicine treatment.

This makes the surgeons who are mainly based on Western medical knowledge quite puzzled.

Zhao Bin gave the patient a daily dose of Tori sterilized soup plus or minus fluid, and Shengji Yuhong paste adhered to the local dressing change.

The daily medical expenses are less than 10 yuan. If the treatment is less than 10 days, the drainage channel with a depth of 7cm in the abdomen will heal well. The fever and abdominal pain will be completely removed. The diet will be normal and the second will be profitable. The spirit will recover.

  The rapid treatment of small doses can be revived. In September 2003, a village of 70-year-old man had a recurrence of hypertension, his boots were unclear, his breathing was difficult, and he was incontinent.

Due to the high risk of illness, the family was treated with infusion at home.

After 8 hours, the effect was not obvious, and Zhao Bin was invited to consult.

Inspected his eyes closed, on the top of the call, snoring, cold limbs, pale lips, thin pulse, a thin pulse, a group of detached, blood pressure is 180 / 110mmHg.

Distinguish as yin and cold, heart and kidney yang, take attached tablets, cassia twig, dried ginger, Wujing, red ginseng, atractylodes, Amomum villosum, valerian each 3g, into the small tea jar, get angry, 5 minutesTake 20ml of liquid, followed by a small spoon.

After that, they were fried and drunk, and after one hour, the patient’s hands and feet gradually warmed up and snorted; about 2 hours, the mind turned clear and the blood pressure gradually decreased.

At this point, the prescription disease was so persistent that it was evacuated.

The next day, the patient’s family was delighted to report, the condition was relieved, and the sputum was added in front of the white sputum, Baiziren, dried tangerine peel, dose replacement 10g, each serving 100ml, three times a day, until full power.

The patient is still alive, and the evidence of the “small-dose rapid treatment” is endless.

  The unique bathing pedicure of the law is in March 2009. After the diabetes of the 60-year-old woman in Chengguan Town, Cheng County, the left foot has been ulcerated and painful. Although it has been turned to seek medical treatment in the provinces and counties, the sore surface has expanded to a large extent.The foot of the foot, walking and disuse, suffering, and provincial doctors recommend their amputees.

Delayed to May, and concurrent with lacunar infarction, went to Chengdu County Hospital for treatment.

Zhao Bin was invited to the consultation, seeing the hard shell of the foot surface black, the leaking liquid on the edge, revealing it, diffuse thick pus, smell strange smell, the whole body and see dizziness, tinnitus, upset, poor appetite, insomnia, fatigue,Second, it is unfavorable for the disease; ask for its pre-medication, anti-infection, and support for western medicine, no significant effect, because many people say that diabetic foot has no cure, and they completely give up.

Zhao Bin first thought and enlightened, encouraged him to establish a cure confidence, and then taught him to eat cereals and fruits, appropriate amount of supplements, to produce blood, after the supplement of Yang Yang Wu Tang and Si Miao San plus orally, anotherFor external use, go to saprophytic muscle soup, and subscribe to its daily secondary decoction with warm water bath.

All the doctors are puzzled. They have never seen abscesses in warm water soaking treatment precedents. I am afraid that they will be aggravated and lead to disputes.

With his long-term practical experience, Zhao Bin patiently taught the doctors and the patients to operate as usual.

Sure enough, the pus of the diseased foot became thinner and less, the sore surface gradually narrowed, the support ability of the foot gradually increased, and the systemic symptoms also improved rapidly. After half a year, the patient recovered completely, and the patient avoided the pain of amputation and greatly reducedThe economic burden.