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Excellent treatment of endless lotion

I bought a set of skin care products, and finally I could n’t run out of lotion and piled up my desk. I believe that many friends will have such problems. What should I do?

  Beauty tips: First, the amount of skin care products usually purchased in sets should be in proportion to the lotion and essence. The endless use is because you have not mastered the correct amount and method.

The role of the lotion is to fully supply moisture and adjust the skin condition so that the subsequent skin care products can fully function.

If the amount is not enough, it is meaningless.

  The principle of applying lotion is to allow every inch of skin to be fully covered, and wait for 2-3 minutes before the lotion is completely absorbed before starting the next step.

  Friends with acne on their back can also try folks who use acne to remove acne.

Toners should be selected from those rich in natural plant extracts and free of irritating ingredients such as alcohol. With daily use of bath milk, it can easily improve the body’s skin condition.

  The specific usage is to dilute the lotion with more than 10 times pure water, inject it into the bath cotton, and wash it with the bath milk.

After rinsing the body, use a small clean towel to apply the replaced lotion and wipe the back of acne.

  In addition, lotions are used.

It can be applied to different skins at a ratio of more than 5 times, and then it can be used as a facial mask.

Use the right lotion, it will definitely make your skin radiant!