Sanfutian Yangwei Jieshu drink buckwheat tea

Sanfutian Yangwei Jieshu drink buckwheat tea

As Sanfu’s scorching summer approaches, experts suggest that drinking some buckwheat tea in Sanfutian will relieve the heat and be healthy.

  The “Compendium of Materia Medica” records that buckwheat has the function of “solid stomach, replenishing vitality and renewing spirit”.

Buckwheat contains a lot of nutrients such as rutin, cellulose, selenium and vitamins. In addition to being suitable for the prevention of hyperlipidemia, hypertension and diabetes, it can also prevent obesity, indigestion and keep blood vessels normal.

Three volts are coming. Due to the rise in high temperature, many people will feel “bitter summer”. Appetite declines, they do n’t think about diet, and the amount of food is significantly reduced compared with other seasons.phenomenon.

Buckwheat can promote spleen and stomach movement and increase appetite, so it is especially suitable for those with anorexia in “bitter summer”.

In addition, buckwheat also has an alias called “Jingchangcao”, which has a very good laxative effect. It is also very questionable for women who want to achieve weight loss.

It should be reminded that although buckwheat is good, but it is cold, it should not be eaten at one time, the spleen and stomach are cold, digestive function is poor, often diarrhea, and people with sensitive constitutions should not eat it.