Wenjing Sanhan Decoction can cure dysmenorrhea

Wenjing Sanhan Decoction can cure dysmenorrhea

Composition: 10 grams of angelica, 10 grams of chuanxiong, 12 grams of red peony, 12 grams of atractylodes, 20 grams of amethyst, 6 grams of fenugreek, 12 grams of Wulingzhi, 10 grams of golden bells, 10 grams of Yanhusuo, 12 grams of incense sticks, 6 grams of cumin, 6 grams of artemisia leaves.

  Efficacy: Warm slag, dispel cold and relieve pain.

Indications for cramps or convulsions in the lower abdomen before or during menstruation. It is very cold and heavy. It is very painful, with less heat and pain, less menstrual flow, dark blood clots, cold chills, white greasy fur, and tight pulses.

  Usage: Take 1 dose daily after abdominal pain, and take 1 time each morning and evening.

  Fang Jie: Angelica sinensis, Chuanxiong, Chihuo, promoting blood circulation and stasis; Wulingzhi, Jinlingzi, Yanhusuo, Zhixiangfu, promoting blood circulation and removing stasis, relieving qi and analgesic; Baizhu nourishing the spleen and stomach, and dryness and dampness, and lesionsThe disadvantages of gas consumption in the above mentioned injuries; amethyst is sweet and warm, enters the heart and liver meridians to warm the uterus, fenugreek is bitter and warm, and the human kidneys are for life, has the function of warming kidney yin, and eliminating cold and dampness.Therefore, the same use with amethyst will directly reach the uterus, and tandem cold and analgesic effect; cumin and artemisia leaves also have the effect of warming and cold.

  Addition and subtraction: This prescription is suitable for dysmenorrhea caused by cold and dampness and Yu Chongren. For those who are severely cold, they can add Evodia rutae and Cinnamon Zhizhi; for those with blood stasis, add peach kernel and safflower.