Workplace: Three Vinyl Tricks Favoritely Used by Boss

Workplace: Three “Vinyl Tricks” Favoritely Used by Boss

One of the insidious tricks: come here with a black bag, and you will die if you die
Today, aggressively said that to do this and that, it also means that it is necessary.
You rush to vomit blood, and tomorrow she will do nothing: “This?
No more!
I saw with my own eyes that she had “yin” a MM.
At that time we were going to win an important customer, the woman asked MM to do a product display and promotion plan.
At noon that day, the woman specially invited MM to have a big meal. During the meal, she was uncharacteristically, and used the gentle tone of Qiong Yao’s heroine to sweeten her words: “You work hard, I see it in your eyes, you are really my good helper . this customerIt ‘s very important, it has affected a huge list of the company, so this presentation must be done well and left to you, I am very relieved . ”The most funny thing is, she said quietly:“ Oh, I am actuallyWomen who are willing to help you are not easy.
Look at me. For my career, I haven’t got married yet. Do you think I’m old?
MM pretended to be surprised: “Where, Helen, you are very young and look so beautiful .” The boss blinked his eyes suddenly: “Thank you, am I really beautiful?”
“Take the small mirror and take a left and right photo, and pat the little girl’s shoulder:” This is done, I will definitely apply for a bonus from the big boss for you! ”
She was really touched at that time, thinking that the woman had sex, and began to be considerate to her subordinates.
So she did the Plan with all her heart, and the woman did n’t interfere. Every time MM did a good job, she showed her a glance, and the other person looked very satisfied: “Okay!
I really read the right person!
“Finally, the customer is here.
MM is presenting to customers in front of the company’s top management.
Only then did she realize that a key part was unknown when it was changed by a woman.
She talked for a dozen minutes without thinking, and the client was entangled at that point. She was tired of parrying. In the end, the other party was still not satisfied.
How dare we distribute it?
Can’t guarantee profit!
The big boss’s face suddenly became unsightly, and the woman suddenly pointed at MM with her finger: “How did you do that?”
Did you make this kind of thing for half a month?
What a disappointment!
“The most disgusting thing is, she also made up the sentence coldly in English,” Even a pig will not be as stupid as you! ”
“Yinyin No. 2: The boss is a” acting school “. When I stepped into that company, I knew that the company had an unwritten policy-as long as you wanted, you could go to a part-time master degree.It can be considered a benefit.
But no one in our department has been interested in “enjoying” this benefit.
I just got there. I want to stay here for more than a year. After I get a diploma, it’s almost time to change careers. I might as well take this opportunity to “develop”!
I took a chance to ask the boss, and he thumped his chest: “Well, I’m very supportive!
As long as the school passes, there is no problem with the company!
It is not difficult to take part-time postgraduate exams. Soon, I took the offer letter to announce my good news to my boss.
The boss froze and nodded vigorously: “Very good!
You must study hard. I will consider your workload!
“Who knows the next day, the school called and said,” That’s wrong, you didn’t pass the exam. ”
Gosh, what a mess!
I went back to the boss again, and he sympathized deeply: “What a bad school, this kind of thing often gets wrong, you tell them, after you get the admission notice, you have the right to go to class .” Now thinkRising, I just feel that his acting skills are the best among previous bosses!
After I left the company, I accidentally learned the truth-why no one in the department had ever “taken the test”?
Because the boss is a university teacher himself, you said you were applying for the exam, and he greeted him immediately: “Do n’t accept this person!
“The accidental notice I received was caused by a problem in the school, but wasn’t it eventually recovered by the superb boss?
  In front of you, the boss will definitely speak better than sing. What is “personal development”? In private, which boss would like to take leave frequently?   The third trick: The boss wanted to introduce me to my boyfriend. Everything started with singing all over the door.

At that time, the boss was sitting beside me, chatting for a long time, and finally said that he would help me introduce my boyfriend.

I froze and had to say, “I already have a boyfriend.

The boss asked casually, “Oh, which company is it?”

“I hesitated for a moment, thinking that the problem was not serious, so I said it truthfully-he belongs to our joint company.

The boss nodded.

For more than half a month, I found that I hadn’t accepted a new job for a long time, and wanted to talk to my boss, but suddenly got the news-he fired me!

The reason is to chat with MSN during work hours.


The boss is not unaware, this is often used by colleagues to talk about work!

I was furious and went to talk to the boss, and was caught quietly by a colleague . if she didn’t tell me, I wouldn’t know how I died!

Speaking of it, I really blame myself for being careless-my boyfriend often sends me funny e-mails. Everyone uses the company’s mailbox. As a result, our company’s network manager called the boss and said, “Sometimes, the domain name is ×× The company’s e-mail is sent to you, do you see if there is any problem . “The boss started to be frightened, thinking it was a business spy or something, and then secretly asked some colleagues (maybe also read my private letter),I found that maybe it was a boyfriend and a girl friend, but after all, I wasn’t quite assured, so I spied on me during that party meeting, and I was stupid at home.

  Before going through the resignation procedures, I still had a chance to compete with the boss.

I asked if it was because of my boyfriend’s relationship, he turned around and replaced.

I smiled and packed away.

What else can I do?

Tell him to fire me for improper reasons?

Although there are few private chats at work, after all, it is not completely absent. He is so “yin” to me, and I only have a muffled voice .