An Analysis of the Psychology of the Herd of College Students

An Analysis of the Psychology of the Herd of College Students

The so-called conformity means that under the influence and pressure of the crowd, individuals give up their opinions and adopt behaviors consistent with most people, which is commonly referred to as “following the flow”.

Herding is a common social and psychological phenomenon in daily life and work, and it is also common on university campuses.

  The phenomenon of “herds” on campus looks at the word “herds”, and college students seem strange. After some explanation, there are more and more topics to be identified-learning from herds.

Colleges and universities often have such a phenomenon. Between student classes and dormitories that are randomly arranged when entering the school, about a year or so, they show different levels in various aspects, and there is a clear “out-of-sync” phenomenon.

Top students, English proficiency, graduate admission, etc. Relatively speaking, classes and dormitories are relatively concentrated.

The members of the dormitory collectively dispatched to participate in various certificate training courses, which is already a popular landscape on the university campus. A boy bluntly said: Some of my brothers are desperately studying. I am not motivated, wouldn’t I be ashamed?

  Consumption conformity.

Entering a higher education institution can be described as an “eye-opener”. There are many people in the campus who “have their own clothes and hats, and smoke and drink differently.”.
Some college students go to restaurants, dance venues, places of interest, spring outings, autumn outings, birthdays, meeting friends, eating bonuses, drinking subsidies, a variety of names, and a variety of college students have settled in dormitories, classes, friends, fellow villagers, ignoring their own economyBasically, a lot of money is spent.

An authoritative person said a miracle: helplessly, for the sake of face, he had no choice but to disregard.

  Love herd.

In front of everyone’s eyes, love men and women read a book and eat a bowl of rice together, which is already an open landscape on the university campus.

“Now that every fellow I know, classmates, and friends are too many in a relationship, I have no choice but to find one to do it.

“A boy said to the author humorously.

Campus love is very contagious. Some classes have few people talking at one stage, while another group appears to be in love; some bedrooms are not asked for “love”, and some bedrooms are all in “love.”

If you do n’t fall in love, everyone will pick up firewood, and within a few days, you will be completely “spotted”.

  Cheating Herd.

In the past few years, when the “branchless, starve and timid” popular in society, the philosophy of “do n’t look at the white and not look” has emerged on campus.The method has been used to the fullest, so that students who do not cheat on the exams are ridiculed as “fools”, “Everyone cheats, why don’t I do it?”

A cheating boy cheered himself up.

  In addition, there is a considerable market for herds, herds and careers in college campuses.

  Who pulls you into the “siege city” to trigger the herd effect of college students is most similar to the “class effect” and “dormitory effect”. After entering the school, new students are exploring new learning methods and seeking new motivation.

The learning attitude, learning methods, academic performance, and use of normal learning time of each member of the class and dormitory have become the most direct “references” for other members. While forming their own learning characteristics, they also have certain degrees in some aspects.Differently with the class, most people in the dormitory stay the same.

Not only that, but also habits and habits of living, hobbies, and hobbies tend to converge and follow the crowd, and together form a spur on class and dormitory members.

In a class of a university, there are several long-distance running classmates. The boys are strong, the girls are slender, and the scenery at the Games has attracted envy. Most of the students have become their followers. Last winter, the top 10 of the whole school cross-country cross-country race.There are actually 5 students in this class.

Six students of Grade 93 in a medical school, who have been lying in the same room for five years in the university, get up at 6 in the morning, and fall asleep at 11 in the evening. Students in the room can play clubs, “repeatedly build great skills” in sports games, speech competitions, and graduation assignmentsThe first 5 candidates were all accepted for postgraduate study.

The role of “class effectors” and “dormitory effectors” in class and house styles is evident.

On the other hand, vulgar herd behavior often leads to class style, and she lags behind.

  Conformity to old students, hometown is also a common phenomenon among new students.

Freshmen are not deeply involved in the world and are not familiar with the situation. They are easy to imitate and follow the actions of others.

Some of them take “trustworthy” veterans and fellows as their “models” for studying, and some simply “follow the” second old man “and never look back”, blindly following the crowd.

It is expressed as “the old students (townships) do whatever they want to do” in their studies, and “the same as the old students (townships)” when it comes to abiding by school rules and disciplines. In this way, it is easy to lead to the ending of “being good and being good”.

In the bedroom of a school, at the beginning of enrollment, old students and fellow villagers frequently visited this house, spreading fraud, gambling “classic”, sending truancy, “love”, and as a result, at the end of the year, the two were relegated, and the remaining four passed by chance.

  With the deepening of university life, I gathered with interested students to form a “fun circle”, which has become the most extensive form of social interaction for college students.

“Fun Yuan Circle” has great attraction to college students and often has a great influence on the formation of college students’ ideological views.

  The effect of the crowd that causes college students to have a different psychology is different.

According to the survey, college students are most likely to follow the love target, especially female college students.

In essence, follow from the old, the fellow.

Third, follow your roommates or fun friends.Fourth, follow her classmates.

Fifth, following herds in the same grade and classmates . the herd behavior of recovering the lost straw hat university campus has both positive and negative aspects.

Studying the herd phenomenon of college students is of great significance for optimizing the group structure and making use of the positive effects of herd behavior to prevent its negative effects.

  The over-ubiquity of herd behavior reflects the weakened self-consciousness of some college students, poor independence, lack of individual discriminatory world outlook, outlook on life, and measurement. This is the nature of the negative rise of herd behavior, and even the positive effects of herd behaviorOnce you lose this herd atmosphere, it is easy to get overwhelmed. You ca n’t find the direction you are working for, and you will lose your compassion and loss after going to society. In fact, this is the most direct consequence of the herd phenomenon.

  In addition, blindly following the crowd can easily lead to the occurrence of psychological disorders in college students.

The direct performance of herdsmen is that the army and horses cross the single-wood bridge. The frustration and loss of the competition process can easily cause college students to have too much mental stress and psychological imbalance.

According to a survey, 20% of college students have different levels of mental illness.

  Herd mentality is common to all, but the herd replaced by passive will inevitably lose your unique value.

Being blind to the crowd means that you have lost a clear sky and abandoned a piece of your own territory.

Blind conformity means that some college students have lost their straw hats woven with their individual thoughts and actions, numb themselves in the noise and turmoil, and “innovation consciousness” only has four mechanical Chinese characters in their minds, and the higher education they have received is rustyIn a mottled pattern, graduation certificates and degree certificates have only become signs of the process of life, but it is difficult to become a driving force for sublimation.

College students, and thus the blindness of herdsmen, use independent thinking and clear footprints to actively integrate themselves into the collective ranks. In this way, you will have a life that truly belongs to you.