Freshman enters psychiatric area

Freshman enters psychiatric area

Not long after the start of colleges and universities in the country, each freshman was immersed in the joy of fresh college life.

However, Wang Keqing (a pseudonym), a freshman in a university in Yancheng, did not perform well soon after he came to the school. He often talked to himself and even ran seven or eight miles around the school.

Teacher, classmates sent her to Yancheng Fourth People’s Hospital for examination, and then she was “invited” to the hospital for mental treatment.

Why did this freshman freshman behave abnormally? The reporter launched an investigation.

  With many “problems” entered the university gates at a college in Yancheng, Wang Keqing’s roommate Li Rong (pseudonym) told reporters that the day when the freshmen applied for the school, Wang did not behave normally, and some students were “escorted” by parents.When the school enrolled, she said to the parents of the students, “You mothers can’t be too spoiled for children,” and she cried loudly in the dormitory alone for no reason.

In the next few days, Wang kept chasing each roommate in “hometown dialect” to ask questions. When the roommates couldn’t answer it, she said to herself in the dormitory.

“Sometimes she sits alone on the bed, and she says to herself, ‘Don’t talk,’ and sometimes she puts things in her hand and looks around, and she can spend tens of minutes without realizing it.

“” She lied to the hospital.

Li Rong said that Wang Keqing ran away when he saw his father at the hospital, and was later caught before being examined.

When she was examined, to prevent her from escaping again, those responsible for the escort stood outside the door.

When the doctor examined her, she desperately said, “The doctors can’t fight me.


  Li Rong told reporters that Wang Keqing felt that before going to the school for registration, she felt that her major in the future would be difficult to find a job in the future, and there would be no future at all, so she did not want to come to school. Her father said that she was a bit abnormalLater, her father forced her to come to school before she came to sign up.

Even after registering at school, she didn’t want to go to class. She often ran secretly out alone, and then a large group of teachers and students came to her together.

“Maybe she wants to go to a good university and study a good major, but the difference between reality and reality is so great that she cannot accept it at all.

According to the teacher, she seemed to have mania.

“In the office of the Chinese Department where Wang Keqing was studying, the secretary of the Chinese Department said that there was no need to report such a thing.

The reporter stated that he had only come to understand the situation. The secretary also said, “We have no right to tell you about the student. Today we will visit the student at the hospital. We will contact her parents. If they want, we can helpYou contact her parents for information.

“No further news.

  Passionate about martial arts film and television, currently in stable condition, the reporter saw a freshman freshman Wang Keqing who was being treated in the psychiatric observation room in the three wards of the East Clinic of the Fourth People’s Hospital of Yancheng City.Li Pan talked.

Wang Keqing told reporters that his health is okay recently. His parents visited him the day before yesterday, and only returned today.

You can be discharged at the beginning of observation.

  Because he was admitted to the hospital, Wang Keqing didn’t know why, “In their opinion, I’m not normal, but I think I’m fine and normal.

Since they want me to come in, then I will come in, and it ‘s no use resisting anyway.

According to Wang Keqing, after the college entrance examination, she was keen to watch martial arts television, but later felt that watching too much TV was not good, so she often went downstairs to chat with “seniors” who were admitted to the university around, looking forward to the good life of university, I often talk about the majors studied in the university and work after graduation, and sometimes I go out for a walk.

She also often reads Jin Yong and Gu Long’s martial arts novels, and usually likes chasing some stars like Jackie Chan, Liu Xiang, Zhao Lirong and so on.

“I feel that these stars have achieved their present brilliant results through their own efforts. They are all ‘bitter first and then sweet’. These stars should be worth our learning.

“It is expected that in the future, Wang Keqing will stop talking and walk alone in the room, feeling heavy.

The reporter had to break the topic and talk to her about how to allocate time in college. At this time, she had a smile on her shoulder. She said she liked martial arts very much and would participate in sports activities, especially martial arts, in college.

  Regarding the reporter’s question about why she ran seven or eight miles around the school, Wang Keqing said that when she came to a college in Yancheng, she felt that she should first get to know the surroundings of the school.Feeling that some of them were not easy to get along with, they went around the school by themselves, ran from the dormitory to the school supermarket, and saw that there was no way to go (all male dormitories), and then ran back again, and ran a total of seven, Bali Road.

  Wang Keqing’s attending doctor told reporters that each patient’s condition is private, and the hospital has the responsibility to keep the patient confidential, and the hospital cannot know the physical condition of Wang.

Before the reporter left, the doctor told reporters that Wang Keqing’s recent physical condition is okay. As for whether she can be discharged from the hospital, it is not as simple as she herself said.

  The student ‘s mental health, the psychological counselor of the Yancheng Psychotherapy Center, Le Shoujiang, told reporters that he had heard about Wang Keqing. She actually had “mania” and was already in a state of mental illness.

She should be sick before coming to school, but the symptoms are not obvious, and the disease is related to psychological factors.

  Dr. Le introduced that manic patients do not have enough knowledge of their symptoms, increased speech and activity, higher self-evaluation, poor self-awareness, easy irritability, more unreasonable demands on others, and poorer sleep.

And when communicating with normal people, it is easy to make others identify with themselves through words. Normal people cannot distinguish whether this person is sick. Only experts can tell.

This disease can be cured and requires medication to maintain it, and it can easily recur if it suffers from mental stimulation.

Wang Keqing’s symptoms became so obvious after she came to school. It may be because she has always felt good about herself, but now she has come to a school that is not a middle school. The psychological and spiritual stimuli are affected, and she is just at the stage of onset.The recovery from the onset of the disease was more intense.   Dr. Le said that at present, no matter whether it is a primary school student, a middle school student, or a college student, the psychological condition is relatively shocking. This is mainly caused by the social, family and student environment, stress and other factors. The student’s psychological condition should beAroused the attention of the whole society.

  Students have become a psychologically disadvantaged group (related links). Mania refers to a class of mental illness with a basic and clinically significant rise in mood as well as corresponding mental and behavioral abnormalities.

There is usually a tendency to relapse, the mental state in remission is basically normal, and the prognosis is generally better.

The etiology is still unknown, but a large amount of data suggest that mania is related to genetic factors, but there is not enough evidence that the disease is a genetic disease, and psychosocial factors often trigger transmission.

The disease is more common in adults, but various age complications occur, the clinical manifestations are: 1.

The mood is high; 2.

Thoughts run away, ideas drift; 3.

Exaggerate ideas and over-evaluate yourself; 4.

5. Increased activity and increased speech; 5.

6 delirium; 6.

His complexion is rosy, his eyes are energetic, and his heart rate is quickened.


Bipolar bipolar disorder symptoms may appear alternately.

  In the present age, under the continuous development of society, college students are facing pressure from all aspects of society, family, etc., their psychology is under excessive pressure, and their psychological conditions are developing into bad aspects. College students have become psychologically vulnerable groups.

The reporter found in a college student psychological survey report of Zhengzhou University’s business school that the psychological condition of college students is worrying.

According to a survey conducted by the students of the School of Business of Zhengzhou University, it was found that college students have become a psychologically disadvantaged group. The detection rate of mental behavior of college students is about 16%, and students with psychological or unhealthy status account for about 50%.

Moreover, the mental problems of college students are mainly manifested in autism, depression, anxiety, paranoia, coercion, and schizophrenia.

According to the college’s investigation of the causes of mental illness in college students, the college believes that the causes of mental illness in college students are: (1) psychological difficulties caused by communication difficulties; (2) profound effects on the Internet; (3) role changeAnd adaptation barriers; (4) pressures on study and life; (5) emotional distress and crisis; (6) improper education for the only child; (7) adverse effects on the family and the external environment; (8) high employment pressure.