8 crystal skin care products list


8 crystal skin care products list

Introduction: Crystal is so exquisite, so beautiful.

Swarovski’s crystal style is peerless, and it is the same as the beauty of a woman.

In skin care products, there are also some skin care products that are comparable to crystals. Let us experience their beauty together!


hzh {display: none; }  香奈儿水晶恋润肤乳液  略带蓝色色泽的透明液状凝露。 Gently cleanses the skin with a faint aroma.

Moisturizing factors also moisturize the skin without compromising the skin’s natural balance.

The 200ml bottle can be used to cleanse the skin during bathing or showering.

  Netizens hot comment: I tried a 5ml small trial suit, and each trial felt fresh and comfortable.

Chanel’s body milk is based on the perfume of his house, so it is very different. There is no thick feeling of greasy cream, but a silky enjoyment.

The product is flesh-colored and very thin. It is suitable for use in all seasons. It does not need to be perfumed when applied to the body. It can both moisturize and fragrance. I like it very much.

  Butterfly Crest DHC Moisturizing Crystal Soap moisturizes and cleans, and the weak acidic facial cleansing soap that is also suitable for sensitive skin has low barrier function and is easy to lose water, which can cause various skin problems.

DHC Moisturizing Crystal Soap is a weakly acidic cleansing soap that extracts plant-based ingredients and moisturizes and cleanses sensitive skin.

It not only has excellent foaming power, but also contains natural cleansing ingredients. It can also gently remove dirt while retaining the skin’s necessary natural moisturizing factor NMF, making the skin moisturized and not tight after washing.

  Comments from netizens: When I bought DHC products, my friends also bought it. She bought this moisturizing crystal soap, her skin is also neutral, but she is allergic and suffers from acne, so she chose this.I asked her, she said that the effect is very good, and it will not be red after using it (she loves allergies, so when using a facial cleanser, her body is always red), the stimulation is small, the moisturizing effect is good, and theThere are fewer acne, she recommends me to use this too, huh, buy this when you are finished using it.

  Herborist New Jade Run Moisturizing Crystal Mask: “Xintiandi Jade Runfang” herbal extract composed of Dendrobium nobile, Asparagus, fresh raw land, yam and so on.

  Usage: After cleansing, take an appropriate amount (2 teaspoons, about 6 grams) and gently massage it over the entire face, taking care to avoid around the eyes, without washing (you can also stay for about 10 minutes, then wash with warm water).

Use 2-3 times a week.

It is especially effective when used with Herborist New Yurun Moisturizing Products.

  Netizens’ hot comment: It is mainly that my skin absorbs this mask quickly, and it is absorbed in less than 1 minute. It may also be that my skin is too dehydrated, so now I think this is very good, use it at night, secondI woke up and felt that my face was slippery and comfortable. I liked it.

  OPERA OPERA Gel Moisturizing Crystal Lotion Product description: Form a long-lasting moisturizing protective film on the surface of the skin, which can dry and irritate the inside of the skin, prevent the evaporation of moisture inside the skin, reduce skin problems such as dryness and roughness, peeling, and shineKeeps skin hydrated and plumped for long.

  Hot comments from netizens: A while ago, dry and allergic, this series introduced to me by BA. At that time, I bought a bottle of moisturizing water and gave me this trial pack.

It is super easy to use and refreshing.

Then I went back and bought a dress, and the skin soon returned to normal, very moisturizing!

  Lavender Soothing Whitening Bath Crystal Salt contains Dead Sea mineral salt, lavender, witch hazel and so on. It can effectively exfoliate and remove spots, improve flawed skin, moisturize, and soften whitening skin.

  Hot comments from netizens: It can eliminate skin horny skin, relieve stress, improve flawed skin, clean, moisturize, moisturize, soft and fair skin.

like very much!

  Shiseido SHISEIDO natural high moisturizing crystal wrinkle mask with acid moisturizing ingredients and natural plant washing ingredients can quickly transform into rich foam, eliminate ancient horny, remove dirt and residual makeup attached to the skin surface, while keeping cleanSkin moisture prevents skin from drying out.

  Hot comments from netizens: The moisturizing effect is good, and the quality of its products is nothing to say. I have no wrinkles and some fine lines. I started to feel a little effect of lightening fine lines, but then it disappeared.

The anti-wrinkle effect remains to be seen.

  Herborist Body Exfoliating Crystal Gel Herborist Body Exfoliating Crystal Gel, which contains the essence of Chinese herbal medicine such as Angelica, Baiji, etc. The formula of the herb is light, refreshing and non-greasy.

Specially contains green scrub particles, which can soften aging keratinocytes on the body surface and gently remove dead skin on the skin surface.

With Chinese herbal extracts such as angelica, it can deeply moisturize the skin and promote cell metabolism.

  Hot comments from netizens: The exfoliating crystal gel particles are thinner than the L’Oreal’s exfoliating products with a lot of mm praise, and the L’Oreal’s model feels like raw microdermabrasion.

The exfoliating effect is good, and it does not feel scratching the skin.

It smells great and the color looks very pleasing.

The mix of white and green particles feels very fresh.

Although it doesn’t feel very dry after using it, you must use a moisturizing lotion after exfoliating the product.  Shiseido Hydrating Nourishing Lip Balm (Cool Crystal) contains a new ingredient[Stretch-enhancing Vitamin C Nourishing Water], which significantly improves the moisturizing effect and keeps lips moisturized and long-lasting.

Long-lasting refreshing and refreshing feel.

Gently apply on lips.

  Hot comments from netizens: a very good one, affordable and moisturizing.

Its unique cooling sensation makes my lips feel relaxed for the first time. Contains brand new ingredients[Strength-enhancing vitamin C nourishing water, which obviously enhances the moisturizing effect.

The disadvantage is that the moisturization is not long enough.