10 things men like to carry on their backs

10 things men like to carry on their backs

Men have miserable words about various hypothetical behaviors of women.

Of course, what do they want to carry a woman on their back?

The author summarizes it in fact, it is nothing more than the following behaviors, take a good look!

They just want to say that men do some things behind you, but not necessarily all bad things.

  1. Save your private money and secretly save your money.

Many men’s hard-earned money is handed over to women for safekeeping, or two people make money alone.

Women all follow a uniform: yours is mine, mine is mine.

As a result, many men want to secretly keep money that women don’t know to do.

God knows what a man does after he has private money, including a mistress?

  2. Many women think that as long as they are divided, it must be a bad thing.

However, the old saying goes, small gambling delights.

It’s okay to have fun.

  3, carrying a woman and other girls to send ambiguous messages. Basically, many men are embarrassed and courageous, and having the courage to act is nothing more than a dragonfly who is addicted to it, and still loves “original match”.

So many times men are carrying women and other girls on mobile phones or QQ to be ambiguous.

Do n’t tell yourself when you have something to say, but talk to other friends of the opposite sex.

Many men have their own “confidants”, and they often will not talk to their girlfriends when they have a mind, but they will confuse with the so-called confidants.

There is also entanglement with his ex-girlfriend without hiding himself.

Men never fall in love once.

And men always miss the previous woman occasionally.

  4. It is instinct for the so-called male to find a spouse. Many men always have a good woman and think that his wife is still good for others, so there are many times when they want to have an affair-of course, this is the least to let women knowof.

Women are born with a precautionary mind, always thinking when men will suddenly tell her: I like the other one, bye.

  5, go out with his brother to fooling around men always like a large group of fox friends and dog friends to go out and spend a lot of time drinking, guessing, drinking, picking up girls and doing everything.

Women actually don’t like the bear-like crawling home drunk after they fooled around.

  6. Smoking Many women do not like their boyfriends or husbands to smoke, so they will die to ask men to quit smoking.

The obedient man would say, “Okay, don’t smoke.” In fact, there are still more clouds and fog in his back.

No wonder he refused my presence when he was with his brother.

  7. Peeping at other women when they are on the street with other women.

Looking around, the final assembly did not have the focus, but it was actually looking at other women.

Don’t think that women don’t know it, just don’t want to take it apart.

Everyone has a heart of beauty, and sexual prostitution is not a bad thing, and it’s not really done, right?

  8. Many women who watch pornographic videos can never understand why men still watch pornographic videos and fly after having a fixed woman.

Can’t I satisfy him?

Or is the nature of men so lascivious?

Miss, you have to be a man to understand.

  9. Pour the bad food that women cook. Many women love to cook, but the taste is extremely bad.

But at the same time, they love to use their men as white mice when they are done well.

Do you understand?

  10. Going on a date with a friend of the opposite sex alone. If you go on a date with a friend of the opposite sex, if the girlfriend is next to you, that feels weird.So when dating a female friend, men make up an excuse.

Men are always careless!

Even an ordinary friend, he would not take a woman with him when dating his “ordinary friend”.

God knows what they did when they were alone.